If you are reading this because you are considering getting married at St Aidan’s, then congratulations on your engagement.
We wish you both every joy and happiness as you prepare to enter into marriage.
We believe God instituted marriage for His purposes and for our good.
It is a great gift of God to men and women and we hope that you will come to experience how good it can be. It is our desire to be as helpful as possible and to ensure your wedding day is  meaningful and your marriage happy.

To obtain more information about being married at St Aidan’s, please call the Church Office on: 9427 2666 or email:

Some commonly asked questions:

What days of the week could I have my Wedding at St Aidan’s?
Can I use my own Marriage Service?
Can anyone get married at St Aidan’s?
What costs are involved?
How much notice do I need to give?

So here’s what to do if you would like to get married at St Aidan’s.

1) Contact our office and get answers to your questions.
2) Consider joining and attending one of our Congregations.
3) Through our office, arrange to meet with a Minister from the Church for a Pre-marriage Consultation (and to book the wedding date).
4) Expect to meet with that Minister on several occasions following to prepare wedding documents, do some Christian Marriage counselling, talk through the wedding ceremony and discuss the Christian faith in relation to marriage.
5) Attend a Pre-Marriage Preparation Course.
6) Expect to hold a wedding rehearsal prior to the wedding day.
7) Get Married!