Full Gospel Church – Masaka – Uganda

The Compassion Family Support Programs in Masaka

For some years, Compassion International has been supporting Churches in developing countries around the world in their Child Sponsorship Development Program (CSDP)

In partnership with Churches in Australia and elsewhere support has been given to children of school age to give them the opportunity to go to school, receive a nutritious diet and have medical facilities available. Their parents receive education in nutrition and health.


Pastor Elijah Kisaakye of the Full Gospel Church, Masaka with
Geoff Leader, Past Senior Minister at St. Aidan’s, Longueville

Each child has a sponsor in a developed country providing the necessary finance. Unfortunately Compassion found that many of the children they took on were so malnourished, many died before reaching school age and many of those who survived were permanently affected, not physically and/or mentally capable of receiving an education. Compassion set up their Child Survival Program where a group of families are supported through, from pregnancy to the child reaching school age (in Uganda  at 3 years)

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The program provides:

  1. Education for parents in nutrition ensuring the mother and child have a reasonable diet.
  2. Immunisations for the child and regular medical checkup.
  3. Access to professional counselling services.
  4. Stimulating activities to assist the development of the children

St Aidan’s Longueville, through Compassion, is providing financial  support for up to 50 such families associated with The Full Gospel Church in Masaka, Uganda.

2007 Investigation Visit to East Africa
Ongoing Relationship With Masaka

Since 2007 three more groups from St Aidan’s have visited the Full Gospel Church in Masaka, a group of 22 in in January 2009, a group of 16 in June/July 2010 and a group of 11 in June July 2012.  In addition people from St Aidan’s have sponsored around 80 school children and raised money to resource the Child Survival Program for and average of about 40 mothers and infants each year.


In our 2012 visit it was gratifying to see healthy children enjoying life and receiving an education, many of whom would have most certainly died had it not been for the support given through Compassion services.


In 2013 we were pleased to lean that one of the mothers  who had been sponsored through St Aidan’s had graduated from The University of Kampala as a teacher and is now working as in Blessing School, Masaka.  This school had been established by parishioners of the Full Gospel Church has also had had some support from St Aidan’s.  The Headmaster and many of the teachers are parishioners.  The school council is chaired by Pastor Elijah Kisaakye

In September 2014 a group of five parishioners made the trip to Masaka, The fifth trip for St Aidan’s

Visit from St Aidan’s to Masaka – September 2014